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  • I'm Glad They're Mine Too

    I'm Glad They're Mine Too

    The life of a SAHM with twin boys and a 4 year old little girl.

    Friday, December 26, 2008

    I hope everyone had a good Christmas!!

    It's been crazy around here! Last Friday, we took Kalynn to my mom's house. And I wasn't expecting the traffic to be so bad. We ended up only going out to eat. We got home around 9ish and I went to Walmart after we got home.

    We've been very busy the past week. I've been babysitting my neighbor's kids since they're out of school. So, I had 6 kids here the past week (and this coming up week).

    Now onto Christmas..
    Christmas was great. I just love watching the kids opening up their presents and just seeing the look in their eyes! We went to my mom's house and then my aunt's house. The boys didn't get a nap so they were quite cranky. They did pretty darn well for not having a nap. They woke up around 7-7:30am. Got home and the kids played for a bit.. Unfortunately, the boys have a bit of a cold..

    Bill's nephew is going to be here in a few hours..

    Here is a link of my Christmas album on shutterfly

    On a serious note:
    I also got some news about my brother Stephan (for those who don't know). My brother Stephan got diagnosed with tongue cancer. There was a sore on his tongue that wouldn't go away. My FIL is an ENT so Bill called him to see if there was someone good he could see. Bill Sr got Stephan an appt with an expert on this in San Antonio. He had a CAT scan and fortunately, it is very small. He is going to have it removed next Wed, so any thoughts and/or prayers would greatly be appreciated.


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