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  • I'm Glad They're Mine Too: March 2009

    I'm Glad They're Mine Too

    The life of a SAHM with twin boys and a 4 year old little girl.

    Sunday, March 29, 2009

    It's Sunday! Almost Monday again. I can't believe it's almost April.

    Kalynn and Ryker had their MRI's on Friday. Holy crap, what a nightmare. Kalynn and Ryker coulnd't have anything to eat that morning. So we tried to get Ronin up a bit earlier so we could feed him. Didn't want to eat. We had no other choice but to leave without him eating.

    We get to the van and the van won't start. I'm freaking out and trying to get the carseats out so we can take Camry. Fortunately, it was just the battery so Bill jumped the van.

    We got there just in time. We go to a waiting room, and then another waiting room. We're finally called and wait in a recovery room. We decided to let Kalynn go first because she was getting cranky and whiny because she hadn't gotten anything to eat. Of course, we still had to wait for the nurses to come in and give her the IV. Then we had to wait for about an hour for her to be done with her MRI. Ronin by this time was getting quite aggravated. At one point, he was screaming and crying. We tried everything we could to get him to settle down. He was hungry and cranky. I finally get him out of the room and get him something to eat and drink. But he wanted to be with his Bubba. I didn't want him in the room since Ryker can't have anything to eat. Finally let him back in the room.

    Ryker's turn for the IV. Kalynn gets wheeled in and Ryker gets wheeled out. Kalynn wakes up more cranky and hungry. Ronin and Kalynn were just having meltdowns. It just wasn't fun at all. Ryker's MRI took over an hour because they had to both head and spine.

    Finally able to leave. We were in the hospital for five hours! It was just frustrating for everyone.. By the next day, everything was back to normal.

    Yesterday (Saturday) Kalynn and Bill went fishing. It was Guy and Me through Girl Scouts. Kalynn has been DYING to go fishing since last year. So, I was glad that she finally got to go. They ended up leaving a bit early because it was so windy and cold. But I'm glad that they got to fish at least for a little bit.

    This coming up week, nothing really is going on. We have a Girl Scout meeting though. We're supposed to be taking the donated GS cookies to a children's house. Not sure if we're able to go or not.

    BTW, I have pictures on my Myspace page and on my Facebook page.

    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    Spring break is over. Sorta happy. It'll be nice to get back to our usual routine.

    Didn't really do much over spring break. This weekend, we did have a garage sale. Bill started on Monday cleaning out our garage. It was BAD. You couldn't walk in there. But we threw away a lot of stuff. I'm guessing we had over 20 bags of trash.

    That weekend, we had a garage sale. We still had lots of baby stuff. We did pretty well. Got rid of a lot of stuff. I can't believe how cheap some people are! But overall, it went well. Our garage has space now. We can get to our freezer!

    This coming up Friday, Kalynn and Ryker have MRI's. They both have to be sedated..They're doing a head MRI on Kalynn, and head and spine on Ryker. Ryker has a pilonidal cyst that the doctor is concerned about, so that's why we're doing a spinal too.

    Saturday, Bill and Kalynn have Guy and Me with Girl Scouts. This year it's fishing at Joe Pool. Kalynn has been wanting to go fishing for a long time, ever since last Summer.

    Ryker has been cracking me up! He knows what the Geico commercials are. When a Geico commercial comes on, he says "Geico!". Well, I think he thinks the gecko (and lizards) are called Geico. Kalynn caught a lizard and Ryker said "Geico!" LOL At least I know where he got that from. Ronin calls cats "Lala". I have NO clue where Ronin got "lala" from cat.

    Ok, I must go..I need to fix Kalynn's blankets

    Thursday, March 05, 2009

    Holy crap, I haven't updated in a month!

    Let's see.. For the past month or so, I've been taking care of sick kids. Mandy's kids were sick this past January, they were out for a week or so. Then Kalynn got sick with the flu (type B) and was out for 4 days. Ryker got it, but was better after 3-4 days. Then Kalynn got the flu AGAIN (type A) and was sick for 3-4 days. And now Ronin's sick with a stomach virus. Poor baby has a diaper rash.. I am SO ready for all these sickies to go away. And I am SHOCKED that I haven't gotten anything. Bill hasn't either.

    Girl Scout cookie sales are over!! YAY!! Thanks to those who helped out, I really appreciate it. We turn in all the $$ tonight and I am done with it. I can't believe how much work is involved with that!

    Ryker had his 6 month evaluation for ECI (Early Child intervention, for kids 0-3 that have delays, etc). He has progressed nicely! He is 28 months and tested for motor skills and speech at almost 24 months. That is GREAT progress for him! He's learned so many words over the past few months and is just now putting 2 words together (like want eat). He's right on target for social and adaptive.

    We have Spring break in a couple of weeks. I'll have my 3 kids along with the 3 kids I watch alllll day.

    Also, my cousin had her twin girls! She had them at 35 weeks. They were 4 lbs 15 oz and 5 lbs 12 oz (coincidentally, very close to my boys' weights!). Very happy for her but at the same time, glad I'm past the newborn stage with my boys LOL The first few months were just chaotic and crazy. That first year was a blur. But nevertheless, I love having twins and having twins is such an awesome experience. Thrilled that she gets to experience that too!

    Anyway, I guess that's all what's been going on the past month. Nothing too exciting!