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  • I'm Glad They're Mine Too: May 2008

    I'm Glad They're Mine Too

    The life of a SAHM with twin boys and a 4 year old little girl.

    Friday, May 30, 2008

    Evening!! Kalynn had her class party today. I sometimes hate going to her school because I get a lot of stupid and annoying comments.

    Today, this lady said she had two kids who were two years apart and were 'just like twins'. Or how they didn't want twins, or they don't know how I do it. Honestly, I'm sick of the comments like that. Twins aren't that horrible. Yeah, they are work, but I love it. I love watching them interact and play. I love that I get two slobbery baby kisses. I mean, seriously, what happened to "Your children are cute". Why must they say they don't want twins or how horrible it would be?? I mean, would I go up to someone and say "I wouldn't want to wear your outfit. I don't know how you can wear that outfit"? I don't understand why people can say crap like that about other children.. Uggh.

    Anyhoo, I'm tired.. I went running today. Hopefully I can get a handle on my eating habits, which are atrocious.

    Thursday, May 29, 2008

    Afternoon!! Haven't posted in awhile. Guess I'll update on my boring life!

    Mother's Day was good, overall. Spent time with my mom and went to dinner. Kalynn made me a card, and Bill helped the boys with a card. It was really sweet.

    I ordered some new cloth diapers with my stimulus $$. I got some one size pockets, which include: 3 Tiny Tush, and 2 Blueberry Minky diapers. OMG, the Minky is SO SO soft..Unfortunately, that is the only ones I'll probably get. I'd have to sell off quite a few of my other diapers just to buy one.. I also got some premium prefolds, which are nice and thick.
    Here is my fluff (Our camara isn't working well since I dropped it..doh)

    May 17th was Aunt Barbara's 50th birthday party! It was 70's themed and it was fun! Our neighbors watched the boys for us. Here's the link to my album:

    That next Friday, Kalynn had her Girl Scout end of year party. That was pretty fun! It was held at a mom's house and her house and yard were just gorgeous. It was a sleepover but I decided not to because everyone had tents except for us, and I didn't want to sleep outside. And my allergies were acting up.. So we went home.

    The rest of last weekend was pretty good. Our friends got their pool set up so we went swimming over there a few times.

    This coming up weekend, Kalynn has Court of Awards, where she bridges from Daisies to Brownies.

    Anyway, I guess that's all I have to say for now.

    Saturday, May 24, 2008

    Dropping off a couple of videos of the boys..

    Boys vs the laser pointer

    Wednesday, May 07, 2008

    Morning!! Finally have a chance to post..

    The past few days have been uneventful.

    Thursday Kalynn did tour the Police Station. It was pretty nifty. It used to be a church, so it's pretty interesting how it turned from that to a police station. The officers weren't too bad to look at either.

    I had been concerned that Kalynn would not be able to bridge to Brownies because she is repeating Kindergarten. But I did find out that she will be able to bridge!! She has her ceremony June 1. I'm excited for her! She loves Girl Scouts.

    Saturday, Ronin started running a fever. Then Sunday, I noticed he had some sort of rash. He had it on his legs, his arms and his groin. They were raised bumps. It wasn't bothering him. It seemed like as fast as it appeared, it disappeared. I wonder if it was Hand Foot Mouth Disease? Then Monday, Kalynn started running a fever. I've been checking her for a rash, but so far, no rash. She ran a fever Monday and Tuesday. Today, she seems to be better. Thank goodness she was off Monday and Tuesday, so she didn't have to miss any school.

    Otherwise, the kiddos are doing well! The boys are so darn cute!! They love to hug each other and wrestle. Ronin LOVES to play with Kalynn. Kalynn put him in her doll stroller and pushed him around in it. Then he pushed her around in it. Ronin goes up to Kalynn and hugs her. Ryker loves to roughhouse with her. It's just so neat to see the kids play together. I'm SURE it won't be like that all the time, but it's cute to see right now.