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  • I'm Glad They're Mine Too: October 2008

    I'm Glad They're Mine Too

    The life of a SAHM with twin boys and a 4 year old little girl.

    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    Today, the boys had their Dr's appt. Overall it went well. Ronin is 23 lbs and Ryker is 24 lbs. She's happy with their growth!

    Ronin is overall doing well. His vocabulary is great, and is putting words together..She is concerned about Ryker with is motor skills. She wants to get him some PT along with his ST and OT.

    Ryker also has this pilonidal dimple. She's been wanting Ryker to have a spinal MRI to make sure his spinal cord isn't tethered. She called the NF clinic but they never called her back. So I called today and he has an MRI scheduled for March. Usually, they just do his head but they are going to go ahead and do his spinal too.

    I really love this doctor. She respects me and isn't condescending like their previous doctor was.

    On to Kalynn..I'm concerned about her reading. She isn't progressing like she needs to be. She told me yesterday that when she reads, the words swirl around and then disappear. So, a few things: Could it be a LD? Could it be her optic glioma (tumor on her optic nerve)? Anyway, I requested a referral to Scottish Rite, because they will evaluate her for learning disabilties (which is VERY common in kids with NF).

    I just want to get her help soon. Kids with NF have a high incidence of ADHD, which she has. Kids with ADHD and kids with NF have a high incidence of LD's, which she has both, so I feel like she's got two "strikes" against her. I feel like if I don't get her help now, she will continue to struggle.

    On to happy news, I'm excited for tomorrow! It's Halloween!! My friend Naomi and her family will be going TOT'ing with us around downtown. I'm also making a Halloween cake, and will make some caramel apples. I'm happy that it's on a Friday. Last year, we had to cut it short since she had school the next day..

    Thursday, October 23, 2008

    Molly, that's how GS leaders usually come about! LOL No one wants to do it but then someone usually volunteers at the parent meeting..If Michelle hadn't done it, I probably would've done it.

    Well, I didn't get the job for that answering service..Mom suggested I call them and I did. They said they weren't hiring so I took that as I didn't get the job. Mom also suggested working at a hospital to register patients. So, I applied. We'll see how that goes.

    So, I'm discovering, at least for me, that having twin toddlers is such a different ball game than having one toddler..We went to the park a few days ago. I said it was time to go. So, I get Ronin and then I have to go get Ryker who's on the other side of the play area. I get him and he throws a fit. While I'm getting Ryker, Ronin takes off and goes back on the play structure. I put Ryker down, he takes off while I'm getting Ronin. Rinse and repeat. Finally, a very nice lady who was with her little girl and a friend, offered to help. She took Ronin to the van while I held a tantruming Ryker. Someone said to hold him like a sack of potatoes. Tried that, he wiggled out..

    But, even though it's been challenging, and it's just so different from when I just had Kalynn, I love having twins! My cousin is having twins and I just remember those feelings I had when I was pregnant with the boys. I think I was in denial about having 2, and was scared shitless about having 2 newborns. But, now? I wouldn't have it any other way!

    Anyway, I need to go to Walmart in a bit.. Just to get out and plus, I need to get a few things..

    Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    Well, nothing new to report! I haven't heard from anyone from that job. I'm not sure if I should call? I'm afraid that someone did call but I was gone. We don't have voice mail.

    This past Saturday, I had Girl Scout Leader training. It was very interesting, and I got some great ideas. Hopefully, Michelle (the leader) will call me sometime this week so we can discuss what I learned. She has her training the day before our meeting..

    After training, we went to the Fall Festival here in town. It was bigger and crowded than it was last year! It was fun though.

    Sunday, we were going to a birthday party for my friend's little girl but she broke her arm :( I felt really bad for her..

    Monday was my cake class. It'll be our last class! What am I going to do on Monday nights now!! I've been taking them since July!! Plus, I love our instructor. She also has twins, which is pretty neat.

    Other than that, I've been working on the boys' costumes. They're going to be clowns! I just need to put the velcro on and put the elastic in the arms and legs. That should be done this weekend. It's so much cheaper to make the boys' costumes than to buy them. At Walmart, they're around $20. I made both of the boys costumes for less than that! The costumes were pretty easy once the patterns were cut out. Cutting out the patterns was such a huge pain in the rear. That took longer than the actual sewing!

    And on one more note. I think a lot of you know that I have a friend, Naomi. She was the boys' party. She had her baby last week! It's a boy!!

    Anyway, I must go.. I need to clean the house

    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    Thanks, Molly! I can't believe it's already Wed LOL

    Well, I went to my job interview yesterday.. Apparently, they "lost" my stuff. I had already filled out the application, did testing and did the first interview. So, after sitting there for about 30 min, I had to fill out another application. I did the first interview..The guy seemed impressed that I worked for the older answering service..He was asking me if I knew some of the people that used to work for them.

    The bad part, it's only $8, I'd have to work weekends and holidays. I don't know that $8 is worth it?? But a friend suggested that I try it and see if it'll work out, if not I can always quit.. He seems to be wanting to push me to work full time and I said that I don't want to work f/t due to daycare expenses and hubby not getting home til 4:15. He asked if I could get there at 4:30. It takes me AT LEAST 20 min to get there!! And there would be no way in heck that I'd want to do an overnight shift, or stay past 10.

    So, I'm not sure if I want to do this to be honest. But it seems like the only jobs available at night are retail/call center jobs..If I could afford to work during the day, I'd love to work at a doctor's office.

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    Good morning!!

    Ronin is doing MUCH better. It's like he was never sick in the first place.. He's back to his full of energy self..

    Then I had a scary moment on Friday..Bill cooked steaks on the grill..A piece of steak got caught in my throat, where I couldn't breathe..I was able to get out "I'm choking!" to Bill. I started feeling really dizzy. Thank goodness it went down on its own. It was very scary..

    Other than that, it was pretty non eventful.

    I do have a job interview today at 10:20am. I used to work for an answering service about 10 years ago. I worked there for 2-3 years. After I quit, another answering service bought them out. That answering service is where I'm interviewing today. I actually already did the application and testing, I just hadn't had a chance to do the 2nd interview, because I couldn't find a babysitter and then Ryker had surgery, etc. The nice thing is that the supervisor and the marketing person of the old answering service is working for this answering service. They said that they would give me a good recommendation. Hopefully, I will get this job. We could really use the $$. I'll only be working there p/t in the evening..

    Uh oh..gotta run. The boys are getting into the babywipes.

    Thursday, October 09, 2008

    Ronin just got out of the hospital yesterday..

    Ronin started vomiting in the late afternoon/evening. He couldn't keep anything down, including boobie milk. He started to really get puny and limp. I called the o/c Dr and he said to get fluids in him ASAP. I needed to give him 1/2 oz of something every 20 min. I gave him some watered down juice and nursed him, but he threw it up. I went ahead and brought him to the ER.

    Got there around 8pm. We didn't get into a room until about 10pm. Ronin was so dehydrated that they had a hard time getting an IV in him. His eyes were sunken in, lips were really dry and hadn't urinated at all in a while.

    Finally got the IV in, still very lethargic. Poor baby was so lethargic that he didn't fight the IV. The IV fluids didn't really help, he was still very lethargic. Ronin had to get an u/s to make sure it wasn't appendicitis. At around midnight, the doctor felt that it would be better to keep him overnight. That took another 2 hours. Finally get in a room around 2am. Of course, I have to stay. The only way he'd sleep was in the bed with me. He wanted to have nothing to do with the hospital crib.

    He threw up again this morning. He slept on and off today, still lethargic. His pedi came in. She is soooooo awesome. She was thrilled that I am still nursing and encouraged me to continue to nurse. She said that it's better than Pedialyte. She wanted me to nurse as much as possible. If he could keep that down, we could go home..

    Around 6pm, he was still a bit lethargic. Still hadn't eaten anything. He had been nursing quite a bit. I decided maybe it would be better to stay another night. Then around 8:30pm, he perked up. He wanted to get out and drag that IV with him He actually ate a popsicle. Since he was getting back to normal, I asked that if we could go ahead and be discharged. There was NO way he would be still and go to sleep.

    Today, he seems to be doing better. He ate some yogurt and a little bit of toast. He's walking around and playing with toys. I'm really glad that the boys are still nursing..That was the only thing he would take yesterday as he refused any kind of sippy cup of juice or anything..I'm also grateful that I have a very supportive pedi , she's so awesome.

    He's not allowed to have any milk for a week(and no, breastmilk is not included in that), he is to be on the BRAT diet, and clear liquids..

    And today is the boys' 2nd birthday! Happy birthday boys!!!!

    Thursday, October 02, 2008

    Yesterday was one of those days that it was NOT fun having twins..

    I needed to get a few things for the boys' party this weekend. We go to Walmart at least once a week. They usually do well. I did our usual thing, put one of them in the front of the cart and the other in the basket and started putting groceries in the cart. Ronin thought it'd be fun to pinch and smoosh the hamburger and hot dog buns. Having him in the basket is not going to work so I ask the greeter guy to get me a two seater.

    I put the groceries in the two seater and buckle my boys up. Within a few minutes, Ronin has already got himself free and takes off. I got him back in his seat. He helps Ryker get himself unbuckled, but fortunately, he's not as fast as Ronin is, so I didn't have two toddlers running down the aisle.

    Ronin kept unbuckling him and his brother, kept standing up, and I kept sitting him down and buckling them again. We finally get to the check out. As I'm trying to put things on the belt, Ronin gets himself free and takes off. I finally put him in the cart since there's room. Ryker gets himself free and takes off. I get him and a tantrum ensues. He does that arm "thing" that toddlers instinctively know how to do. He's kicking and screaming because he wants to go run around, which of course is dangerous. I'm trying to hold him while he's kicking and screaming, trying to get him to sit somewhere so we can get the hell out. It isn't happening. This really nice cashier comes up to me and pushes my cart for me to my van.

    I was just glad to get out of there! I didn't finish my shopping, but I'll do that when Bill's home and leave them with him!

    Wednesday, October 01, 2008

    Beware of Jay Jay the Jet Plane Hangar Toy

    I am a part of an online community. This happened to one of the members. PLEASE read this article and watch the video: