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  • I'm Glad They're Mine Too: May 2007

    I'm Glad They're Mine Too

    The life of a SAHM with twin boys and a 4 year old little girl.

    Thursday, May 31, 2007

    It was an ok day. Kalynn had swimming lessons. It went ok, until about the end of it. She started to have a meltdown. I'm not sure why, I think she was just too cold. We'll try again tomorrow. I'm really hoping we can do another couple of sessions, because to me, it's important that she get used to the water and learn how to swim.

    Got home and had to take Ronin to the Dr. Holy cow, it was SOOOO easy taking one baby out!! We even went to Walmart to get a few things. Just had him in the Mei Tai and we were good to go. Even the Dr was intrigued with the Mei Tai LOL

    Anyway, not much else is going on..

    Oh a few comments I wanted to say

    #1) YES you CAN handle having twins. You wouldn't have a choice (someone was talking about how they thought they couldn't handle twins)

    #2) YES you can have twins even with no history of twins

    OK, gotta run.

    Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    We had a really good day today!!

    Boys slept better last night. Ronin got up once and Ryker slept til about 5am!! Woohoo!! Hopefully, it'll be a good night tonight.

    Kalynn had swimming lessons. They were cut a little bit short because yet again..rain. But at least she got a lesson. HOpefully, tomorrow will be better.

    After that we met Brandon and Karla for lunch at Olive Garden. It was yummy. Hung out with them all day. We really enjoyed. Well, except for this nasty Mexican restaurant in Cleburne. HAHAHA!! Just kidding!

    Tomorrow, not much is planned. Just Kalynn's swimning lesson. I guess that's it!

    Tuesday, May 29, 2007

    Went to my bf'ing support group..

    Ryker is 17 1/2 lbs
    Ronin is 15 lbs

    Swimming Lessons was a bust..There was still class and it was about safety.

    Wanted to drop off a couple of pictures. The boys got their covers in today!

    These are called Bummi Whisper Wraps

    Monday, May 28, 2007

    Yup, I'm still awake..Maybe that frappucino wasn't a good idea..Doh. Ronin's already been up once..

    need sleep..Tomorrow is Kalynn's first swimming lesson (if it doesn't rain).

    Also tomorrow, Bill has a physical (which I'm glad, he needs one). I think Friday we are going to a place called Splash Factory in Mansfield. It's just a bunch of fountains and water guns, stuff like that. I think Kalynn will enjoy it.

    Went to Home Depot. We are contemplating putting new flooring in. It's either going to be Pergo or new carpet..Not sure yet..I think I want to do Pergo. Depends on $$. I wish $$ grew on trees.

    OK, going to try to get some sleep.
    Met my friend Lisa for lunch today. I took all the kids with me so Bill could get some sleep. He hasn't had a lot of sleep these past few weeks. Last night was same old same old.

    We had a little "incident". Lisa and I were talking and I felt something warm go down my leg..I look down and Ronin had a blow out..YUCK. Poop was all over my leg. Fortunately, there were some moms who were very understanding and got me some napkins. I got myself cleaned up and Ronin changed, so it was good after that..

    Now we're home. The boys should be taking a nap here soon.

    Sunday, May 27, 2007

    That's it!
    Same old same old. Except I think we "only" got up around 3 x's? So not too bad I guess. Maybe the solids did help some. I just wish they'd sleep for 10 hours. Kalynn was sleeping for that long by this age..But oh well, they're different kiddos.

    We're just hanging out..Ryker's taking a nap but Ronin's still awake, hanging out with daddy. No plans today.

    I do have some pics though..Uggh, I have to go through firefox..Will post pics after this post.

    Saturday, May 26, 2007

    Yesterday, ended up not doing anything. I had forgotten that Brandon was going out of town..So, we stayed in. Yay. Not. I hate staying home..

    Last night sucked beans. Ronin kept waking up, starting at 11pm. I got up the first 3 x's, then I had Bill get up and bring them to me. I think it was about 6 x's having to get up.

    On to happy news..Ronin sat up by himself yesterday!!! He had to prop himself..Ryker is stringing more constanants together. He's been saying "mamamamamamama" for awhile. He's been saying "bababa" and "dadada"

    I cut my finger this morning :( I was getting a diaper out of the dryer and I had a snappi in my hand. The dryer closed and the snappi got caught in the dryer and on my finger..Uhh yeah..OUCH.

    Anyhoo, I guess I better go..Ronin's still awake, I'm going to try to get him to go to sleep.

    Friday, May 25, 2007

    Blah! It's been raining on and off all day. Went to Story Time at the library and we got drenched! Ohh well, water won't hurt.

    Bill's last day was today and he got home around 1. It was nice to have an extra pair of hands to help.

    I've been hesitant to say anything about this.. But, I have a golf ball size lump in my boob. I had a sonogram set up in December but they said they wouldn't even look at me since I was nursing, and it had to be about a year after the babies were weaned. I called at least twice my OB's office but they keep blowing me off . So, I am calling this specialist place through Baylor to see if they will do something. I mean, can't somehow they SEE something? Can't they try??? Or am I screwed because I am nursing? I know it's normal for lumpiness due to nursing but a huge lump?

    So, yeah, it's been weighing heavily on my mind. I hope it's nothing, and maybe it's just a gland or something.

    Thursday, May 24, 2007

    "talking" to each other

    Ronin commando crawling:


    Ryker (l) and Ronin (r)

    And before I go, I have to say that I LOVE cloth diapering!! It really is easy. I found a new way to fold the cpf's, so I fixed that problem I had mentioned earlier. Aren't they cute in their diapers? :D I got some new covers so when they come in, I'll get pictures of those too.
    Today was pretty good..Bill got home early so that was nice. Tomorrow is his last day!! Woohoo!! We're probably going to go to Brandon and Karla's like we usually do every Friday.

    Kalynn's a creative kid. So, I bought some TP and put in our room. I'll usually let her watch TV in my room. So, she decides to rip the package open and there was TP everywhere. I told her to clean it up but she immediately says that the mouse did it! She's also decided to make my room into her own playroom. I told her to clean up her toys and she comes in and says "My arms are broken!!! I need new ones!"

    Ronin and Ryker just LOVE their big sister. She can crack them up, it's too funny. This evening, Ryker and Kalynn were in the bed with me. She starts kicking her legs and Ryker tried to copy her. It was too cute.

    I am going to try to post some pics..

    Wednesday, May 23, 2007

    Arrghh..I accidentally washed the cell phone..I forgot that it was in my shorts when I washed them..So, if you need me, call me at home.
    Last night was actually pretty good! The boys got up once (at different times of course) around 4am and then woke up at 6:30am. They're down for a nap now..

    Yesterday went to my support group meeting. It was more of a yap fest because Mellanie (the LC) was not feeling well. So, we did our "joys and concerns" and then just yapped the rest of the time.

    Yesterday, there was an asinine editorial from some man about BFIP. He's an idiot. It stemmed from a mom who was asked to stop nursing from a party store April 25. She was nursing in the aisle when the manager told her to stop because children may see that.

    The whole "children may see that" is such a stupid argument. Has anyone gone up to a woman in a bikini or a really low cut shirt and said "umm..excuse me m'am, but you need to go home. Children may see that". Ummm..no.

    Now, while nursing in the aisle may be not the best choice, the manager approached her because she was nursing. Not because she was in the aisle.

    I am so sick and tired of women being asked to leave because they want to feed their children. Oh and the whole "well, you can bring bottles". Umm..no. I don't have to. I have the right to nurse my baby (or babies in my case) where ever I am permitted. Plus, they won't take a bottle and I will NOT stay home because a flash of skin *might* be exposed.

    Such a double standard. Women are asked to leave frequently for nursing, whether they are covered up or not. But has anyone EVER heard of a woman in a bikini being asked to leave? A woman with a very low cut shirt asked to leave?? Ever heard of a big ruckus about a Victoria's Secret ad or commercial? But, boobs being used for their purpose, somehow it's gross. Umm..ok.

    I am usually VERY discreet (and no, you don't need a cover or a blanket to be discreet). You usually can't see anything. And if you can..you're looking too closely you pervert.

    Monday, May 21, 2007

    I'm such a dork. I was doing the Haute Pockets wrong!! This time I REALLY figured it out. I am hoping to get more diapers..I'd like to get more prefolds and covers. There are some really cute covers with prints on them..I'd also like to try Happy Heiney's (similar to FB's but they have velcro instead of the snaps). I swear, CD's are an addiction!!!! AND I found out that one of the places has a discount for moms of multiples!!

    The weekend was pretty good. Saturday didn't do much of anything. Sunday, visited my dad and Allie for a bit. They hadn't seen the childrens in awhile. That is pretty much it!

    Today was pretty good. Kalynn's new friend Sierra came over today. Except, she wasn't supposed to. Her mom called here asking if she was here. Of course I said yes. Well, she has a friend named Kaitlyn and told her that she was going to Kaitlyn's house which apparently is next door. So, she was in a bit of trouble with her mom.

    This is Bill's last week. The last day with the kids is Thursday and then he has to go in Friday. I'm sure he'll get out early though.

    Dad was saying that we should move in to the house next door. I totally would, except I saw the prices of the houses there. Yikes! Maybe if we win the lottery or something. It would be cool though, to be closer to family. I feel like we're left out of things since we live so far away.

    Anyway, I better get to bed. I'm sure we'll be getting up several times.

    Friday, May 18, 2007

    Today was pretty good. We didn't go to story time today. We met up with the SAHM's group at the park. We made "Make it Plates". The kids just draw on this paper, you send it back to the company and voila! A plate! So, I did one for Kalynn, and for the boys (SSSHHH..I'm going to give them to Bill for Father's Day)

    We ended up having to leave a bit earlier than expected. Kalynn was headed for Meltdown City. Got lunch and tried unsuccessfully to get the boys to take a nap. They'd go to sleep and then wake up. Hopefully, it won't mess with their night time sleep..

    After Bill got home, we went to Brandon and Karla's and hung out there. Kalynn was very upset when we had to leave..

    And now, everyone's asleep..except me.. I probably should go to sleep. Geez, I really hope that they sleep til at least 4 am..That would be great..

    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    I have a confession to make..People ask me about if I'm ok concerning grandma. No, I'm not..I just that realized today, weird as it may be. I cry almost every night. Stupid things remind me of her. I just miss her a lot, so much I can't even describe it. But it's only been 2 1/2 months...

    On to happy stuff. Ronin has a thing for feet!! It is so funny to watch him. If he sees feet, he will make a beeline for them. When he gets to them, he will follow them. It's just funny.

    I've been researching different things for Kalynn. I have found something called "joint compressions". I was telling Bill about it and he said "Oh yeah! We do that with our kids" So, he's going to show me. It's supposed to work when she's having a meltdown. I'm also going to bring her purple back pack and fill it with books, and other heavy stuff too. That's supposed to help as well.

    Anyway, that's it (for now)
    So last night sucked big time. Ronin was up every 2 hours. Totally NOT fun. I think Ryker got up a few times but fortunately, Bill got up with him. I'm really grateful for Bill. I couldn't get through this whole twin thing without him. Fortunately, the boys took a long morning nap (Ronin is still asleep)

    So I've had these one size diapers called Haute Pockets. They're similar to FB's but they have more snaps so you can fit from 8 lbs to 30 lbs. For the life of me, I couldn't get them figured out!!! But I finally did, thanks to one of my message boards. I think I want to try another one size diaper. They're called Bumgenius 2.0. Reason being is because the boys are in different size diapers..Ronin's in size small FB's and Ryker's in the Medium. The smalls go up to 18 lbs so we still have a few months left. And the good thing is that when Ronin does outgrow them, I can resell them.

    OH so I have a question about the prefolds- Mom? someone who's used those before? (those are the ones that people usually think of when you say "cloth diapers") The sides of the diaper are getting to where I can't bring it to the front.. It just goes to his side and then I have to unfold the top of the diaper. Am I doing something wrong?? Length wise, they're huge..Maybe I'm just used to disposables and the other diapers I have where the sides go all the way to the front.

    Anyway, I hope tonight is better. They didn't nap very well yesterday so maybe that's why they slept like crap.

    Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    Yesterday, I did go to my BF'ing support group. I haven't in awhile. It seemed like every Tuesday it had been raining. It rained yesterday but only for a few minutes. It went really well. The boys seem to be doing well. Ronin gained quite a bit but Ryker didn't gain a whole lot. The LC said that it's pretty normal for babies who gained a lot during the first 6 months to slow down, or not gain at all for a few weeks. It was nice to go somewhere where you're supported and have the same views. I know I'm going to need it when I nurse them past one (*gasp*).

    I forgot to mention this..When Ronin had his IFSP, the OT came along. We were chatting and talked about Kalynn's possible ADHD (funny thing is, that they weren't surprised when I mentioned it, and they work with ADHD kids all day). One of the things that she suggested is heavy work. Like, having her push a grocery cart, pushing a stroller or riding a bike. Sometimes, I can get her to settle down by doing that. I wonder if riding a scooter is considered heavy work?

    Kalynn is all registered for swimming lessons!! I hope that we're able to do more than one session.

    Last night was so much better. I think it is Ronin's teeth. I gave him some Tylenol before he went to bed last night. He woke up ONCE. Once at 3:45am and then again at 6am. Hey, I'll take it!

    I had an interesting dream last night. We were at Stephan and Kindra's wedding. It was at my house but it was different-It was huge and it looked like a church. But they boys' nursery was the same and they were asleep. Dr. Phil was there too. And Grandma. She looked like she did before--before she got sick. She was wearing a blue and white dress.

    I knew she had died, but she was there, if that makes sense. She said to follow her, she had something to tell me. I said "Don't lose me like you did last time!" I followed her and then I woke up. I wonder if there was something that she did want to tell me or was it "just" a dream?

    Anyway, I'm gonna go..

    Monday, May 14, 2007

    I just wanted to share what Kalynn said. On Noggin, they were singing about family, mommies and daddies, etc. Kalynn asked "Who nursed you when you were a little baby?" I think that is really neat because she's understanding that nursing is just normal.
    I hope all the moms and moms to be had a good Mother's Day!!

    Mine was pretty good. I got some cute cards and breakfast in bed. Then we went out to dinner at Johnny Carino's.

    Got home, and the boys went to bed pretty easily. I "only" got up twice, once for each boy. So that was nice.

    Unfortunately, Kalynn came in our room and said her tummy hurt. A few minutes later, she hurled. Bill had some kind of stomach virus, so I'm not sure if that's what's going on. She's acting completely normal, no fever.

    I think I am going to give the boys more solids..MAYBE it will help them sleep through the night. Especially since Ronin wakes at 4am to nurse. So maybe if I give him more solid food, maybe he won't need that 4 am nursing. So my plan is giving them some cereal and fruit in the morning. Then in the evening, giving them a veggie. I also want to get some more avocados. Mom gave Ronin some the other night and he ate it up!! And he slept better..Coincidence?? I guess we'll find out!

    I'm hoping to be able to go to my BF'ing support group. I haven't gone in the past 2 weeks. Last week, I wasn't feeling well and the week before, it was raining. I swear, seems like every single Tuesday, it's been raining. WHY Tuesday??? I really don't want to go when it's raining because I have the babies and plus, I don't want to be stuck in a situation like I was about a couple of months ago (Tornado sighting down the street from the meeting, all of us huddled in the bathroom, NOT fun)

    I got Micki's graduation invite Saturday. I can NOT believe she's graduating. I remember when Aunt Linda was pregnant with her. We were at Chuck E Cheese's (I think it was called Showbiz back then) in Garland, and I remember her sitting by the counter. I have no idea why that memory sticks out in my mind.

    On another note..I am deeply disturbed about something that happened on my parenting boards..We usually get trolls-They will make up an entire life, and lie about it. We all find out and we get on with our lives.

    This time..it's a woman who was intentionally hurting her children for attention.Her kids are taken care of now, so I'm glad. I just feel bad for those who were close to her. Just sad and just sick. How can you hurt your children??

    Anyway, I better go..Ryker's fussy

    Saturday, May 12, 2007


    Thursday night/Friday morning sucked beans. I don't remember what night it was, but the boys were in bed at 9pm ish..I went to bed around 11ish. Ronin woke up at 12am, nursed and put him to bed. Up at 3am, rinse and repeat. Ryker woke up a few minutes after I put Ronin to bed. Then I couldn't go to sleep because of my stupid allergies. Up at 5am, rinse repeat. Again at 6am and finally told Bill to take over. So, I had about 3 hours of sleep that day. I think the whole sleep thing is one of the really difficult things of having twins. Those are the days that I envy people with "just" one baby.

    Friday, spent the night at mom's house so we could go to my sister Lisa's graduation in Durant, OK. It was nice spending time with mom. I really want to make an effort in spending more time with family. Time goes so fast, and then, people you love are gone.

    Saturday, someone who starts with the letter Eddie!! was late! We were supposed to leave at 6:30am, and pick up Robbie at 7am. Ended up leaving the house at 7am. But we got there on time. Bill ended up taking the kids in the van, since it was super hot and Kalynn was getting a bit antsy. I ended up missing Lisa walk the stage :( She walked with the wrong school. Mom and I were gone getting umbrellas because it was hot, and didn't realize we missed her :(

    Got back to mom's house and then left to go back home.

    sigh, tomorrow is Mother's Day. What I would REALLY love for Mother's Day? A housekeeper and a nanny to help me during the day. Oh and sleep too. That would be awesome.

    wow, it's already 9:30. Way past time for dinner...Maybe Taco Bell?? Hmm...

    Thursday, May 10, 2007

    Today was a much better day!

    I decided to go up to Kohl's to find a top. It took us about 3 hours to actually get out the door because the boys needed a nap. Finally got there. It's so frustrating buying tops. XL are a little bit small but the 1X is too big. Arrgh.

    Then, we went to Chick Fil A and met some of the ladies from my SAHM group. It was fun! It's cool because there is another lady who has twins and a singleton.

    Got home and chilled out.

    One thing has been bugging me. One of my friends online is pg with twins. She's 38 weeks and everyone's saying "Great job! You did a great job!" It's kinda stupid because I feel kinda bad. Like I did a crappy job because I didn't carry my boys to full term. Like it was somehow my fault that I was put on bedrest and they were delivered early.

    And I HATED the c-section. Hated it. It sucked. The recovery was horrible. It was just so NOT what I wanted. Before I was pregnant with the twins, I had wanted to have a med free water birth. But then, I found out I was pregnant with twins. Then found out that I had shoulder dystocia with Kalynn (where her shoulders got stuck, they had to use the vacuum), and the OB would not let me have them the "regular" way. I knew I was going to have a c/s but I dunno, maybe I was in denial. It's not what I wanted at all.

    Plus, I am kinda sad that this was my last pregnancy ever.

    Anyway, I better go. I need to go wash some diapers, and other laundry.

    Wednesday, May 09, 2007

    Another crazy day. Bill stayed home from work today. So, it was another day solo. It makes me appreciate Bill more. I complain about him sometimes, but he really does do a lot, and he tries the best he can.

    Another day of "holy crap, twins are hard work!". At one point, I just crashed and fell asleep on the floor. I am exhausted. Boys napped a little bit. Kalynn had one of her days again, with fits and screaming, and kept waking the boys up. So, that was a little frustrating.

    But, other than those few incidents, she did pretty well. She helped with the boys. Ronin keeps getting stuff and putting it in his mouth, so Kalynn would get things from him and give him another toy (as long as it wasn't one of her toys LOL)

    Putting on my "lactivist" hat on:
    Yet ANOTHER lady was kicked out of a store for nursing her child. There was a debate on one of my boards and they kept bringing up the fact that the child was 14 months. Ok, SO??? The law gives her the right to nurse her child. People need to mind their own dang business. Good for you if you don't agree with extended nursing, mind your own business and DON'T LOOK. It's that simple. OH and someone mentioned that they thought she was full of "self entitlement". For what??? Standing up for her rights?? What I don't get is if we can't go to some fat dude wearing a speedo and ask him to leave because he's being offensive, why is it ok to tell a BF'ing mom to take a hike because she's being "offensive" to them? (I bet that same person wouldn't say anything to a woman who's wearing a low cut shirt and probably showing more boobage than a nursing mom)

    Another thing that pisses me off is that whenever someone talks about nursing in public, someone ALWAYS has to bring up the woman who "whips" it out and lets her boob hang out for the entire world to see. I can assure you, that MOST bf'ing moms are NOT exhibitionists and do NOT want their boobs to flop out for the entire world to see. Having been around nursing moms for quite a few years, those stories are few and far between.

    I'm just so sick and tired of women being kicked out for feeding her child. Just leave them alone, don't look and mind your own business.

    Tuesday, May 08, 2007

    Uggh what an exhausting day! Got Ronin all set up for ECI to come and do therapy for his oral motor. Kalynn's behavior was horrendous. So, I was trying to get things done for Ronin and Kalynn just was having fits galore because she couldn't have what she wanted right then and was being super defiant. It was just frustrating.

    I did finally get the boys down for a nap, so that was nice.

    Bill called me this afternoon and said he's sick. Great. I mean, don't get me wrong, I feel bad for him, but that means that I go it alone this evening. I have been nonstop busy up until 9pm. I gave the boys their "dinner" of sweet potatoes. Ryker didn't want to be in his high chair. So, I sat him on my lap, and fed him and Ronin in the high chair. Then Ronin got fussy. These are the days that having twins is hard work. I sometimes think about how much "easier" it would be just to have just one baby. I love having twins, don't get me wrong, just some days are just really difficult than others.

    And I hope that I don't get sick. That would totally bite.

    Anyway, not much else is going on. I am tired and going to bed.

    Monday, May 07, 2007

    Today was ok.

    The boys didn't nap very well. They usually take a morning nap and then a long afternoon nap. But today, they kept waking each other up, so they didn't nap very well.

    Ronin has been "army" crawling in addition to getting up on his hands and knees. That boy is fast!! It is so funny watching them interact. Since I only had one baby before, I've never seen 2 babies interact. I will give Ryker and Ronin a toy-I had given them each a block. Ronin will go over to Ryker and take the block away from Ryker. So I give him the other block to Ryker. Ronin will go over to him AGAIN and take the block from Ryker. Ronin will go over to Ryker and snatch his pacifier away from him. He is a little stinker! Poor Ryker isn't as mobile as Ronin is yet, so he just doesn't do anything about it. I'm sure that will change as Ryker gets mobile.

    I decided to try solids with Ryker again. He did MUCH better. Before, he still had a little bit of the tongue thrust and he would not open his mouth. This time, he opened up his mouth for the spoon! I tried giving both of them avocado (this is a really good first food to try with babies) and they didn't want anything to do with it..OH well.

    I took Kalynn outside to ride her bike. She met this little girl, Sierra, and asked Kalynn if she'd like to play. Then Andrea (one of Kalynn's friends that lives 3 houses down) came out, so it was really neat to see the little girls play together. Of course, Kalynn had a fit when it was time to go. So, I picked her up, kicking and screaming back to the house. Yeah, that was fun..NOT. But anyway, I'm glad that Kalynn met a new friend.

    gotta run ronin is crying

    Sunday, May 06, 2007

    Today was a really good day!

    We went to our friends Brandon and Karla's little girl's bday party. I can't believe she's already one!! Seems like yesterday we were there while Karla was in labor. We also saw some friends that we haven't seen in a long time!! They have a little girl who is the same age as Kalynn. It was so great to see all the little girls playing together. I know she enjoyed it. Hopefully, we can stay in touch. I had a blast with them last summer.

    Got home, had dinner and Kalynn wanted to ride her bike. Bill went outside with her and helped her pedal (she has trouble pedaling). She's getting it!! I know she was getting frustrated but I told her the more she keeps doing it, the better she'll be.

    Speaking of Kalynn, overall, today was really good!! I LOVE it when Kalynn does well. She's such a sweet and smart little girl.

    This week is pretty uneventful. Ronin has an IFSP on Tuesday (it's just to get him set up for the OT to come out and see him--he has oral weakness) Then Friday, we are going to go to my mom's house to spend the night to see my sister Lisa graduate with her bachelors!!! I'm so proud of her!! So we'll be going to OK to see her.

    Saturday, May 05, 2007

    More pictures

    Ronin trying to crawl!


    Posting..More coming up

    Friday, May 04, 2007

    Today was pretty good so far. Went to story time. We had a little rough start but once it got started, Kalynn did better.

    I am SOOOOO ready to go swimming. Course, I need to find a swimsuit, which that in itself is depressing. I think I'll just wear a brown potato sack :(

    This weekend, nothing is really going on. Sunday, our friend's are having a bday party for Story's first bday. So, that's pretty much all that's going on!

    I got some pics of the boys, I will post those later.

    Thursday, May 03, 2007

    This video is SOO CUTE!!!

    I can totally see Jer doing this when their baby is born.
    Oh I have to say that I'm really excited about starting Kalynn in swimming lessons!! We'll be going through the Y in Waxahachie. I really hope that we can put her in several sessions, not just one. I'll probably take her to the one at 10am. I like that it's every day.
    Just sitting here waiting for Kalynn to come home from school. Today is her last day. I am sad but at the same time happy. Time to move on to Kindergarten!!!!

    I've started to track her food, I guess it'll take me a few days to see if I can see a pattern emerge. I've heard some parents of kids with ADHD say that dairy is the culprit. I don't know, she doesn't eat that much dairy at all. She isn't a fan of milk at all. Maybe I'll get rice milk or something for her cereal and see if that will make a difference. Plus, how long will it be til it "shows" up?

    I just want to say how grateful for my kids. I was reading on my boards about a mom of a preemie who was born at the same time the boys were. Her baby has all sorts of problems. As you guys know, Ronin and Ryker were born 6 weeks early. They only spent 5 days in the special care nursery. The only major problems they had was weight gain issues and body temp issues. Ryker's a little behind but he'll catch up. Ronin's just done amazingly well.

    Even though Kalynn has NF and has some problems, she still is a happy and wonderful child. She's so creative and it's amazing to watch her learn new things and her to come up with questions. She's still a normal kid, and leading a wonderful childhood.

    I hope everyone is ok from that storm last night. We are ok, just missing a few shingles from the roof. We were very lucky. There is a lot of damage to other people's houses, and the fire station in town, their roof was damaged pretty badly as well.

    Wednesday, May 02, 2007

    Ok, cool, I want to get a site counter dealie like dad's blog!!

    Past few days have been pretty good. I just have this headache that won't go away. It hurts my eyes even to move them..

    I've been thinking about Kalynn and the whole ADHD thing. I think what I'm going to do is do the behavioral management (which I've already started) and then let her go med free during the first semester of Kindergarten and go from there. I'm also going to start tracking what she eats and see if that makes a difference..

    Behavioral-per the neuropsych
    -If parents around, let the parents do the discipline
    -More praise
    -Discipline right away
    --Time outs, discipline has to be right away. If not, she will forget what she did.
    --NO spanking
    -Eye contact

    OK, there's more..but I gotta go