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  • I'm Glad They're Mine Too: September 2006

    I'm Glad They're Mine Too

    The life of a SAHM with twin boys and a 4 year old little girl.

    Friday, September 29, 2006


    Had an appt on Monday, 9/25. I'm still dilating..almost to 4cm! Other than that, things are going well! My next appt is next Monday. From then on I will have weekly u/s. I'm measuring 43 weeks!! YIKES!

    I have ONE MORE WEEK of bedrest!!! Woohoo!!! I'm SO ready to get off of it. The Dr thinks that I'll go very soon after I'm off my medication and off of bedrest. We'll see.

    I had an u/s with the maternal fetal specialist. Everything looks good, no fluid around his heart!!

    I guess it's time for belly pics to see how huge I am.

    31 weeks:

    32 weeks:

    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    Good appt!

    I had a really great appt yesterday! No more progress!! Woohoo!! Another week in my own bed with internet and cable TV!

    Friday, I have an appt with the fetal maternal specialist. I think I mentioned that one of the boys has fluid around his heart. So I am going up to the hospital to look at that closely. Hopefully it's the medicine I'm on and it'll go away after I switch.

    We had a very sad day on Sunday. Our family dog passed away. I am so hearbroken. He had a bladder stone that lodged in his uretrha. Urine seeped into his bloodstream causing an infection. The vet said he could keep him overnight with fluids, and antibiotics and then do surgery. But with him being so old, the prognosis wasn't good. So mom made the decision to put him down. Even though it was the right decision, it's still hard. I wish I could've gotten to see him before he passed. My brother sent me an old picture so I'm happy I have that.

    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    Hanging in there

    Week #4 on bedrest.

    We're hanging in there. It's been really hard on everyone. Bill has to do everything, and I'm sure it can be overwhelming at times. With Bill doing EVERYTHING-cleaning, laundry, cooking, taking care of Kalynn, and taking care of me, he's going through a lot too. He hasn't had a break.

    Plus, we kinda feel like that not a lot of people really care. I am grateful for the calls, visits and emails we've gotten, don't get me wrong. Phone calls and emails are my only connection to the outside world for me.

    I'm sure people think "Oh, it must be SO nice to lay in bed all day". Yeah, but try doing that every. single. day. for 6 weeks without getting up except for potty and showers. Not being able to go see friends and family. Going out to eat, going to go shop for the babies. I'm sure it'll get old real fast. It's hard when I can't get up and play with Kalynn like I usually do..

    Unfortunately, I am still having contractions despite the medication I am..They're not consistent. They're sporadic and they can be a bit painful (although not as painful as real contractions)

    Kalynn is doing better. She had a hard time the first few weeks. She still says she doesn't like daycare, but I know she's fine there. Bedtime is better. It used to take 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours for her to stay in bed. But now it takes less time than that (for the most part).

    Tomorrow (Monday) I have an appt, so hopefully, no more progress. If there is, I will probably be admitted to the hospital til I hit 34 weeks.

    Sorry this post is such a downer. I know that I'm doing the best for the babies, it's just very isolating..

    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    Boys update

    Well, I went to my appt on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I've dilated more. So, I am immediately told to go to the hospital.

    My Dr goes ahead and admits me overnight and for me to have a sono in the AM. The sono went well. Both babies are doing well, 3 lbs 14 oz and 3 lbs 13 oz. Unfortunately, one of them has fluid around his heart. The Dr is concerned but not TOO concerned.

    He wasn't sure if he should admit me to the hospital so he consults with the maternal fetal specialist. He said that he felt it was ok to go ahead and let me go home. I see him on Monday. If I dilate anymore, I'm pretty sure he'll admit me for the rest of the pregnancy.

    So that's the update!

    Sunday, September 03, 2006


    It's been hard on bedrest. It's incredibly lonely and boring. I look forward to phone calls and emails; it's nice to talk to friends and family.

    It's been really difficult for everyone, not just me. Kalynn started daycare this past Monday. The first few days she seemed to do ok. But then Thursday and Friday she cried so hard she almost hyperventilated. I had to go drop her off on Thursday because I had a doctor's appt. When she did that I went back in the car and just bawled. I felt HORRIBLE. I of course called to make sure she was ok, and she was. She cried for a couple of minutes and then was ok. I've been assured that it's normal. I hope it gets better for her.

    Then at home, her behavior has not been very good at all. Everything we ask her to do is a battle. She flat out won't do it. Bedtime is a nightmare, she keeps getting up for the smallest of reasons. Even us taking away her stuffed animals doesn't work.

    Then Bill, who's had to take on the housework, cooking and Kalynn. He's so exhasuted at the end of the day.

    It's just been hard on all of us.

    On a happy note, Bill painted Kalynn's new bedroom. Her bedroom is going to be her playroom. She wants a pink Princess room and boy is it PINK! Bill also got some wall stickers to put on her wall. Pretty soon he'll decorate (with my supervision of course heehee!) her room. Probably in the next few weeks she'll start being in there. Before she officially moves in her room, we need to go through her toys to make room!