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  • I'm Glad They're Mine Too: September 2008

    I'm Glad They're Mine Too

    The life of a SAHM with twin boys and a 4 year old little girl.

    Monday, September 29, 2008

    It's been awhile!

    Ryker had OT last week. I had been concerned because he has been choking on stuff that I didn't think he could choke on. So, I brought it to the attention to the OT. She did an eval and found that he is not "aware" of his tongue. Meaning, he can go front to back to suck, etc., but he can't move it side to side when you eat regular food. So, he chokes. So, he will be getting OT for that.

    We've been having some diaper issues with Ryker..He'd wake up in the middle of the night sopping wet. AFter a few nights, we figured out what it was. He'd grab himself and then that would cause him to pee outside the daiper (get my drift?).. He'd wake up sopping wet, with his crib sopping wet. Then we'd have to change him, and change the crib. Changing the crib isn't exactly quiet, so then Ronin would wake up. After that, we've been putting him in sleepers. Haven't had anymore accidents.

    Ronin's full of energy, as usual. Saying more words. Sissy taught him to say "Mine". So, all afternoon, he was saying "Mine!! Mine!! Mine!!"

    Kalynn is doing well. Continues to do well in school!!

    I'm still taking those cake classes..This last cake, was a bitch to do. We had to make 40 fondant roses. To make ONE rose, it took me 10 min to do. Along with that, I had to make 30 fondant leaves and the calyices? that go underneath the rose. Then I had to make four cakes: 2 6x2, 2 10 x 2, make the icing, and ice them. I still need to fondant them. Bill was a HUGE help. He made some of the roses, attach the calyices? and did the leaves. He also iced the cakes for me. I don't think I would've finished if it hadn't been for him.

    What sucks is that it's going to be on there for maybe an hour and then they'll get thrown away. Can't really eat them. All that work just for a few minutes. Bah. Now I understand why people charge so much for wedding cakes, etc.

    Anyway, I better go get the boys dressed. We need to make a trip to Walmart to get more fondant..

    Sunday, September 21, 2008

    Ack!! I am really sorry Lisa, I didn't mean to not publish your comment. I think I hit the wrong button and now I can't get it back..

    Back to your regularly scheduled programming or I need to finish laundry and make my icing..

    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    Good evening!!

    Another good week. Nothing really spectacular happened. Monday was our cake decorating class. We used fondant to cover our cake. It turned out ok. I'm not sure if I like the fondant. It's kinda odd to have something chewy on a cake.

    Thursday I had my first leader's meeting. I learned some very interesting things. I am very excited about this year. We found out to go camping in November, we don't need to get camp trained since we'll have a "big sister" troop. Brownies will get to camp overnight. Then, January, we'll be selling cookies! So, family and friends, keep us in mind when you want some Girl Scout cookies.

    Also on Thursday, I was asked to bring something for the Teacher appreciation lunch. I made a cake. It turned out ok. I need to work on my writing though. My letters keep having a "tail".

    I can't believe how active my boys are. There was an opened window that opens out to the backyard and is low to the ground. Well, they pushed it out and climbed out of the window. Fortunately, they just ended up in the back yard. Ronin is at the point where he likes to jump off stuff. He even got hurt at one point but it still doesn't stop him. Ryker's getting there. He likes to climb on stuff but he can't quite get jumping yet. He'll get there.

    The boys have been sleeping SO well. They'll either wake up once or sleep the entire night through..It's sooooooo nice.. Of course, they have their off days, but overall, they sleep great.

    Anyway, I'm off to bed.

    Sunday, September 14, 2008


    Had a pretty good week.

    Kalynn got her OT eval at school. She has some perception problems and problems with visual closure. I think that hampers her ability to write. So, she qualified for OT. PT is coming out next week. So, I'm happy that she's getting the help she needs.

    My brother in law is here. He evacuated from the hurricane, and I am VERY glad he did.

    I am now the Asst Troop Leader for the Brownie troop. I don't remember the debacle that was going on, but I'll explain it. Kalynn was in Daisies last year, which was Kindergarten. The GS changed the rules where Daisies would be K and first. But since her troop were Daisies in the "old" rules, they were allowed to bridge over.

    The problem came when our old troop decided to only have the current girls that attended a particular school. Kalynn and 5 other girls didn't attend that school so we weren't allowed in the troop anymore. The troop organizer called and said that since we'd have to be in a new troop, we'd have to be Daisies. Absolutely NOT! So, she called around and found out that it would be up to the new leader whether we'd be Brownies or not.

    Today was the meeting of the parents. It went really well!! One of the moms of the girls in our old troop stepped up and volunteered to be the leader. So, it's her as the Troop leader, me as the Asst Troop Leader. The girls from the old troop are now in the new troop plus an additional 4 girls. So I am really stoked. During the meeting, we got a treasurer, cookie mom and several other helpers. Our first meeting is in a few weeks. I have to attend training this coming up Thursday.

    I think this year is going to go very well. I'm happy that we are Brownies, that was something that I and the other moms were adamant about. It would be ridiculous for us to have to be in Daisies again since they earned all of their petals and bridged to Brownies. I was prepared to fight for it, but I'm glad that I didn't need to do that.

    So anyway, I better get to bed..

    Tuesday, September 09, 2008

    NIN Project

    I'm going to participate in a project called "Nursing Is Normal" by Kathy O'Brien. Here's the website:

    Basically, it's to show that nursing in public is nothing to be ashamed of, and most of the time, you can't even see anything. It's something that I'm very passionate about.

    In my breastfeeding circles, I read about how a mom was harassed for nursing in public at least once a week. It's very disheartening that people see a baby eating as offensive, or they compare it to: urinating, defecating and even fornicating. I'm tired of other people's comfort being put in the hands of the nursing mom, when all she's trying to do is taking care of her children.

    So, I want to participate in this project. She will just photograph me, doing my daily business and nursing. I hope this shows people that nursing in public, and nursing in general is nothing shameful, and moms don't have to be hidden away because they choose to nurse their babies/children.

    Anyway, I'm going to go feed myself, while hiding away in my livingroom while I watch People's Court.
    Good afternoon!

    Kalynn has been doing very well in school. It's a huge difference between last year versus this year. This year, she has so much more confidence. I was afraid that it would hurt her self esteem that she's repeating but it's actually the opposite.

    Boys are doing well. Ronin's picking up more words. Ryker is saying a few words as well. I can't believe they're 23 months, they're going to be 2 next month!! Time is going by so fast. Seems like it was just yesterday that I was pregnant with them, and freaking out about how I was going to handle it. And then their first year was such a blur. So chaotic. I was just thinking about Halloween, and how we had to run up to Target at the last minute to find a Halloween costume for Kalynn so she could go trick or treating. And then there was hardly anything left. I still feel really bad about that.

    This year, Kalynn is going to be a pink unicorn. I found one on Ebay. Most of the new ones were $30-$40. I found one for $20. This year, the boys are going to be clowns. I'll be making their costumes. It seems easy enough, except I am going to need help with the elastic on the sleeves and pants.

    I'm continuing to take my cake decorating classes. My friend Kim is taking Course 3 with me. We're using fondant in this class. Next week, we're making a cake using fondant, it's going to be a "present" cake. I'm a little nervous about it..

    I'm watching our neighbor's little girl. They had to to go a funeral, and I don't blame her for not wanting to take her. She's 3 and it's been going well so far. Boys are being well..boys, but that's nothing new LOL