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  • I'm Glad They're Mine Too: June 2007

    I'm Glad They're Mine Too

    The life of a SAHM with twin boys and a 4 year old little girl.

    Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    Well this evening totally sucked beans!!

    I was supposed to go to Olive Garden to meet my boobie group. I was about to leave and then we get a stupid tornado warning and the tornado sirens go off. Apparently, the tornado (or whatever it was) was about 5 min away. So, I decided not to go :( I had been looking forward to it all week..

    Uggh, and then the electricity turned off. It was out for about an hour. So, instead of tasty Olive Garden, I got some Taco Bell :( Bah.

    The boys are too funny. Ronin is a little stinker!! He's been crawling all over Ryker. And he will crawl right to Ryker and snatch his paci! Even when I give him his own paci to chew on (he doesn't take a paci, he just likes to play with it) he still will take Ryker's! Poor Ryker isn't mobile yet..So, he just lies there or tries to roll away. It's fascinating to watch them. I've never seen same age babies interact before..I don't know if they somehow know that they're brothers, or what.

    Anyway, I'm going to go to bed...Hopefully the boys will sleep til at least 5am.

    Monday, June 25, 2007

    Pretty good day today..

    Went to Payless and found some shoes for Kalynn. I decided to get some shoes for the boys. I thought if the boys showed up barefoot, mom would have a heart attack heh heh.

    After that we went to visit Brandon and Karla. They're leaving Thursday..I was a bit annoyed, Bill and Brandon left and didn't tell us where they were going. Which, usually, I don't mind, but it was close to the boys bedtimes and I didn't know if they were going to a movie, or whatever. And close to bedtime=cranky babies. Seemed like forever that they were gone.

    Tomorrow, I will probably take Kalynn with me since Bill is probably going to help Brandon and Karla get packed.

    Anyway, not much else is going on! I better get to bed..

    Sunday, June 24, 2007

    I know, I know I'm a slacker..

    Pretty boring weekend.

    Friday, Brandon and Karla met us up at the library for story time..Then went out to eat. I was DYING of thirst, but the water in Cleburne apparently is gross!! I tried 2 sodas but they were disgusting. Finally tried the tea and couldn't taste the nasty water. Hung out with them for a bit.

    Later that night, I hung out at Mandy's, our neighbor, house. Julie (Sierra's mom) was there too and we just talked while the kids played.

    Saturday, didn't do anything. I went to Andy and Kim's house (they live about 3 houses down) so Kalynn could play with Andrea.

    I'm trying to find some shoes for Kalynn's FG dress..I called Aunt Linda to get some ideas. Will have to go tomorrow since Stephan's wedding is THIS WEEK!! Woohoo!!

    This week will be pretty busy, but not too bad...Tuesday is my boobie meeting, but there's Vacation Bible School. So instead we're going to meet at a restauarant. Then Thursday is the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Then Friday is the wedding! I'm hoping Allie will have Isabella by then..Crossing fingers!!!

    Ryker was SO funny the other day..We have this toy that has mirror in it. He was making faces and sounds and he was cracking himself up! It was too funny!! I was going to get video of it but the batteries were recharging in the recharger. Dang it.

    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    As most of you know, I am cloth diapering..So, I thought I'd post some myths and some pros:
    So, I thought I'd post why I like CD's..

    First, myths of CD's, taken from: http://www.diaperpin.com/clothdiapers/article_toptenmyths.asp

    #1. You have to toilet-dunk.

    This was the #1 reason I went with disposables (yes, I confess!) with my daughter when she was first born. The belief that you must dunk your diapers in the toilet and flush repeatedly or use a "diaper duck" to clean them is simply not true. Toilet dunking is for the birds! Diaper services don't require you to dunk your diapers, so why should you? Let your machine do the work for you -- most moms these days do. If your baby or toddler has well-formed solid poops, sure, you can toss the solids into the toilet -- but for messy jobs, don't fret it. If we can do it, so can you!

    Little known fact: Did you know that you aren't supposed to dispose of human waste from any diaper, disposables included? It says so right on the package.

    ..> ..>
    ..> #2. Cloth diapers don't keep your baby dry.

    Disposable diapers have helped proliferate the myth that "a dry baby is a clean baby". Disposables use the super-absorbing chemical polyacrylate (why disposables often feel like a squishy "gel" inside the inner panels), which makes the diaper "a wearable toilet" of sorts. Parents are supposed to change their baby's diaper when they soil themselves, however with the advent of these super-absorbent and many times dry feeling chemical-laden disposable diapers, they get changed, typically, much less frequently. I have actually heard of parents who feel changing a baby five times a day is adequate! Sad, but true. With cloth, not only is it easy to tell when your baby is due for a change, they also potty train much sooner because toddlers can actually feel when they wet themselves (imagine that!). The gel in disposables also will draw moisture from your baby's skin! I remember when my daughter was in disposables (yes, I confess, I was a disposable user!), I would actually find these gel "beads" on her diaper area.

    #3. You have to change cloth diapers more often.

    With disposables, babies sadly don't always get changed when they soil themselves (because they "feel" dry, see myth #2, above). However the American Academy of Pediatrics states, "Regardless of which type of diaper you use, diaper rash occurs less often and is less severe when you change diapers often." Changing your baby's diaper when they wet themselves seems an easy and common sense enough approach for all parents to be able to adhere to.

    #4. Cloth diapers, and diaper pails, smell.

    Cloth diapers smell no worse than disposables, in fact many new-to-cloth moms have told me that their disposables smelled far worse than their new cloth diapers do (I guess that's why the Diaper Genie was invented...). And a good air-tight diaper pail that uses non-toxic deodorizer disks like "Deodisks ®" keeps an unwanted odors at bay.

    #5. Cloth diapering is more difficult.

    Doing my diaper laundry one or two times a week is much less trouble than having to get dressed, get the baby ready and make a run to the store for disposables when I suddenly realize I am out. In a pinch, you can even use doublers as a diaper subsitute while you do your laundry. You are truly never out of diapers. Imagine never having to leave your living room for diapers in the middle of the night!

    #6. Cloth diapering is more time consuming.

    I can get my diapers washed and dried while me and my daughter eat our lunch and play around the house. There is no need to run out to the store or waste time in the car when we could be playing or learning! Folding diapers, while not necessary (many people use a decorative basket in the nursery for this purpose), is a fun activity for me and my 17 month old to do together. It makes her feel important as she helps Mama with the folding, and we practice her numbers by counting as we stack the diapers.

    #7. You have to use diaper pins.

    While some moms still love the art of pinning with the quaint appearance and snug fit it provides, others, including me, were frightened by it! If you are scared of pins or simply don't even want to try, fear not, CuddleBuns has your answer! Snap and velcro fitted diapers are as easy to put on as disposables, and prefolds folded in thirds and then layed down the middle of a snug velcro wrap are as easy as 1-2-3! There are also clips and other fasteners available as diaper pin subsitutes.

    #8. You have to use a diaper service.

    ...and aren't they expensive? Yes, they can be. In fact in some geographical areas, they are more expensive than disposables! Though this is rare, you can still save significantly over disposables and cloth diaper services by home laundering your own premium quality cloth diapers. Diaper services for the most part only offer prefolds, and not the attractive and convenient fitted diapers that many moms today have grown to love, and some can't do without! Home laundering is simple and easy, just wash the CuddleBuns way!

    #9. Cloth diapering is more expensive (after factoring the cost of detegerent, water and electricity).

    Not even close. Disposables cost an average of $1000-$2000 (depending on brand and geographical area) over the course of one child's diapering years. Cloth diapers not only cost an average of only $150-$300 , but they can be used over and over on subsequent children with only a handful of replacements from wear and tear. The water usage equals the same amount they would use as a potty trained child who was toilet trained, and the electricity usage is minimal. Add to all this that it takes more water, per diaper, to produce a disposable diaper than a cloth one!

    #10. Cloth diapers are bulky.

    Snug fitting wraps and covers with a prefold folded in thirds down the middle, a dense flannel or interlock ("t-shirt") fitted diaper (flannel tends to be trimmer than terry, with interlock being the very trimmest) can actually be quite thin -- and rival even the trimmest disposable!

    And top 10 reasons to CD taken from:


    #1. Your baby's comfort.

    Would you like to wear stiff paper (and/or plastic) underwear 24 hours a day? The comfort of cotton and knowing I was providing the best possible comfort for my daughter was the #1 reason I switched to cloth diapers, and why I still love them so much today.

    #2. The environment.

    Leave a cleaner world behind for your baby, and your grandchildren. Disposables leave behind an average of 2.7 tons of non-biodegradable waste (not to mention the waste produced by manufacturing them alone) per child. Compare that to a few dozen cotton diapers, and the responsible choice also becomes an easy one.

    #3. Save money.

    With disposables, some estimate you spend an average of $2000 per child. Cloth compares at only an average of $150-$350 per child (with the added but minimal cost of electricity and water to launder them). What a great excuse to start a college fund for your baby now, and you can rest assure that your money is being well-spent and not going to "waste" in a land-fill!

    ..> #4. Potty training is easier, and happens earlier.

    It's a little-known fact that cloth diaper children potty train earlier, and with less effort on their parent's part. This has mostly to do with the fact that when a cloth diaper is wet, they can feel the sensation. Chemical laden disposables can feel so dry, your baby never gets a chance to understand what their body is doing.

    #5. Cotton diapers are gel free.

    Polyacrylate gel in diapers is a relatively new phenomenon, and no one really knows what the long term effects are. It also leaches moisture from your babies skin. Additionally, disposables are full of dioxins. While non-organic cotton cloth diapers can also have dioxins, they typically are washed out within the first few pre-washes (before your baby will ever wear them), however one-use-only disposables are never rid of them. Additionally, and perhaps the most compelling reason to use cloth diapers, is that disposable diapers containing polyacrylate gel are suspected of exacerbating, and even causing, asthma.

    #6. Cloth diapers are so much better looking.

    Photographers still traditionally photograph diapered babies in cloth diapers, simply because they are so much cuter! Today they are available in as many prints and colors as their are fabrics available, not to mention the combination of choices you have with twill, flannel, hemp, terry and more. Imagine how many classic baby photos would suddenly become less "quaint" with a baby wrapped in a disposable diaper. I prefer to bring my groceries home in paper and plastic, not my baby!

    #7. More fun for Mom.

    While not every mother (or woman, for that matter) is a born "shopaholic", most moms I know just love how fun it is to shop for cloth diapers. There are unlimited choices today in cloth diapering, like all-in-one, terry, flannel, contour, prefold, fitted and other contemporary-style cloth diapers. And when you are on a budget, swapping is a great, and economical, way to try the latest new "rage" in cloth diapers.

    #8. Better cushioning for baby's bum.

    We all know that babies and toddlers have their fair share of bumps and spills! Cushy cotton provides a much softer "landing pad" than a flat paper diaper.

    #9. Convenience.

    Convenience? Yes, convenience! You'll never have to worry about making another late-night trip to your grocery store for a package of disposable diapers.. You'll never have to hold your nose while emptying and re-bagging one of those complicated "Diaper Genie®" contraptions.. And you'll have approximately two bags less of garbage to haul to the curb every week!

    #10. Being a leader is much more fun than being a follower.

    Stand out from the crowd and show you care to give your baby the very best, including the way you diaper. It's so much more fun to share the joy of cloth diapering with other mothers (who are usually very curious!), than to waste time clipping the latest coupons for the cheapest disposable paper diaper.

    They are really easy to use. The options can be overwhelming, but it's not that difficult.

    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Good Lord people, they're just boobs

    Uggh, so yet ANOTHER mom being kicked out. This time, at Elitch Gardens.

    I swear, this society is so backwards. I honestly don't understand why people are against nursing in public. It's feeding a baby people.

    Why is this:

    inappropriate in public places but this:



    Does anyone not see the hipocrasy in this??? Now I'm NOT talking about the "woman who flopped her boob out and the kid wasn't nursing". MOST nursing moms are NOT like that..

    Fortunately, I haven't been bugged by anyone, I'm very lucky..

    Tuesday, June 19, 2007

    We had such a great night last night! The boys only got up ONCE!! Woohoo! And they woke up around the same time (which NEVER happens) and actually, it was easier that way.

    Last night, I had a dream about grandma. We were outside somewhere. I saw grandma. She was in her old Sambo's uniform and she looked really young. I *knew* she had passed away, but I ran up to her and gave her a big hug. It was a good dream.

    Today, I"m planning on going to Kohl's. I need to find a dress and something for the boys to wear for Stephan's wedding. I may have to go to Motherhood and see if they have anything there. I saw a cute dress at Motherwear.com but I dunno. Bill's so silly. He isn't thrilled about me having to get a dress and said "Why don't you wear the dress you wore to Grandma's funeral?" He's so clueless LOL

    Swimming lessons continue to go well, so well in fact that it makes me nervous!! They go to the deep end and Kalynn just seems so comfortable by the pool that I'm afraid that she's going to fall in!!

    So Bill is a huge fan of Prince. That's all that's in our CD player. And heaven forbid that I take one CD out (it takes 6 CDs). So, I listen to Prince in the car if there's nothing else on. I like some of his stuff. Kalynn LOVES Prince. It's funny because a few of them,she's come up with her own names..Raspberry Hooray=Raspberry Beret.

    Anyway, I guess that's it..

    Monday, June 18, 2007

    Haven't blogged in awhile!

    Let's see..didn't do too much that rest of the week. Saturday, Bill's dad and stepmom came for a visit. It was nice to see them. We haven't seen them since the end of December. The boys were about 2 1/2 months old. We went to lunch, and then they stayed and chatted for a bit.

    Bill's uncle is in a band called the Cavaliers. Bill Sr and Jeanie were going to go see them and wanted us to go, but alas, I couldn't, no babysitter. Bill went by himself and I stayed home.

    Sunday, we went to lunch with dad. Hung out at dads for a bit and then went home.

    That's pretty much it! Such is my boring life.

    Next Friday is Stephan's wedding, so I'm trying to think of stuff to do for that.. Kalynn is the flower girl. Wed, I have to go pick up the FG dress at the seamstress. I made the appt for her hair..

    Other than that, not much else to report.

    Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    I can't believe it's already Wed!!!

    Monday was a rough day. It just sucked..

    Tuesday, was my support group meeting. I got another stupid blister...again. I needed my group yesterday, it's just frustrating that I keep getting those painful blisters. Mellanie gave me some tips to prevent it from happening. Kalynn went with me, just to let Bill have a bit of a break. He always lets me sleep in when he's off, so I thought giving him a few hours alone would help.

    I think it's really cool that Kalynn doesn't even blink an eye when she sees other moms nurse. I want her to grow up knowing that it's normal. That's pretty much what we do at the meetings, is nurse and talk about nursing, so it was really cool that Kalynn just did her own thing and it was no big deal. I remember Mom nursing Lisa (we were at the green house). I don't remember how long she nursed her, but even with that, I knew it was just normal and I knew that I would nurse my babies.

    Today after swimming lessons, I met a girl that I met from the internet (oooooooh!). She is on one of my baby message boards. We met at the mall and she is SOOO sweet!! I really enjoyed meeting her and her little girl. Her little girl was too precious! We didn't get home til after 3pm.

    Kalynn continues to do well in swimming lessons! She is doing what the teacher tells her to do, I'm just really proud of her.

    Tomorrow, nothing is planned. Friday, Empire is coming out to give us an estimate for laminate flooring. I've heard that they're really expensive, so we'll see I guess.

    Anyhoo, I guess that's it!!

    Joy, I love talking to other moms of multiples! Man, it's just crazy about the comments and stares. Usually, I don't mind the comments and the stares (it's usually Aww!! twins!) but it's the comments of disdain and looks of horror. Thanks for the tip on how to deal with the friend situation, I think we'll definitely do that.

    Monday, June 11, 2007

    OK, honestly? I could friggin' care less about Paris Hilton.

    Sunday was pretty good I guess. We went swimming over at my friend's house that lives down the street. And guess who was there...Yup...Kalynn's new friend. Bossy as usual, and tried to butt in when I was discipling Kalynn. Then later that day, she came over to our house.

    This is all new to me..I'm not sure if I should intervene when she's bossing Kalynn around. She'll tell Kalynn to go to her room and not come out, and tell her things like "If you don't do this, I won't be your friend anymore". I mean, it's really pissing me off. And she tries to tell ME what to do. Of course, I don't let her get away with it. I don't know if I should intervene or if I should let Kalynn handle it? Kalynn's only 4, so I don't know.

    Anyway, I'm exhausted..I'm going to try to go to sleep.

    Saturday, June 09, 2007

    Man oh man...Are 6 year olds really bossy?? Kalynn's little friend came over for a bit. She was bossing Kalynn around. I just let them deal with it. Kalynn was crying for me and Sierra said "You don't go to her when she calls you" I said "Umm...she is MY daughter and I WILL go to her when she calls me" Then she tried to tell Kalynn that she couldn't call for me. I of course told her that yes, she can call for me if she needs to. Then she tried to tell Bill that it was up to her when they play. Ugggh
    Last night I did get Ronin down. I think they woke up once, I don't remember anymore.

    Went to grandma's house to see if I wanted anything. I had also left a bunch of stuff from when I lived with grandma right before Bill and I got married. I really wish that we could buy that house. After having kids, I realized how important family is and I wish we were closer. The kids would get to see their grandparents more often.

    This week is Kalynn's swimming lessons. Tuesday I believe we are going to go to Splash Factory in Grand Prairie, and then Friday is Story time at the Library.

    Anyhoo, I guess that's it.

    Friday, June 08, 2007

    What a past busy few days!

    Last night was really good. Ryker woke up around 5am I think? Bill just brought him to me and I slept while he nursed. Ronin slept til bout 6am and I nursed him and then put him back to bed. He slept til about 9am!!

    Thursday was the last day of swimming lessons for the first session. They let the kids go down this slide. Kalynn had to be talked into it, but she finally did! After swimming lessons, we went to Little Gym for play time. We used to be members of LG and I used to chat with the owner all the time. He hadn't seen me since I was put on bedrest with the boys. So, it was neat that he got to see them for the first time. I had sent him pics when they were newborns.

    Today was story time at the Library. It was a little too loud so Kalynn started to get overwhelmed. She went into the kiddie area where it was quiet.

    Crap, ronin's awake. BBL

    Wednesday, June 06, 2007

    Good evening!

    Can't sleep, but I'm tired..Lots on my mind.

    Anyhoo, today was a pretty good day. Kalynn went to swimming lessons. She did very well, and even went into the deep end (with floaties).

    After that went home and the boys took a nap. Then we left to take Kalynn's flower girl dress to get altered. I got a little annoyed at Kalynn's friend. She came over wanting to play, but we were about to leave. I told her that we were about to leave in a few minutes, but she kept inching her way in. She asked if she could play until we left, and I said fine. Well, we were out the door and she just wouldn't leave!! Arrgh! Then she wanted to go with us. So, yeah, I was a little annoyed at her.

    After Bill got home we went to go see Aili and Jer's baby. He was born this morning. He is precious! Very tiny! Can't believe my "little" brother is a daddy now. Crazy. They've joined the "dark side" called parenting! Bwahahahahahaha!! Just kidding, I love being a mom. It's amazing.

    Anyway, I better try and go to sleep.

    Tuesday, June 05, 2007

    So far a good day. Kalynn had swimming lessons. She did SO well! She did try to run to me, but I handed her over to the teacher. After a few minutes, she was totally fine. She did what she was supposed to! I am very happy.

    Another piece of good news! My brother's GF is being induced tonight!! I'm going to be an aunt! I'm really excited..So hopefully, tomorrow we'll have a nephew!

    Allie!! I tried calling you on your cell #, left you a message..I thought I had dad's home # but I guess I don't..

    Anyhoo, more later..I'm going to go relax.

    Monday, June 04, 2007

    My poor baby girl just got stung by a wasp :( She's ok now..The meat tenderizer seems to be helping.
    Last night wasn't good either..Now both boys are congested. Ronin went to bed around 9pm, and I thought "Woohoo!!! They're both asleep!" That lasted until about 10pm. Ronin woke up and he just REFUSED to go to sleep. He wasn't even sleepy. So, I just let him play in the "contaiment area". He finally got tired and went to sleep around 11ish. I don't even remember but both boys kept waking up. Just sucks. They were getting better, and then they had to get a stupid cold.

    Kalynn did SOOO much better at swimming lessons! One of the teachers just scooped her up, and brought her in the water. Kalynn cried for a bit but after awhile she was fine. She even had fun and didn't want to get out of the pool! I guess that's all it took! Hopefully, she'll do well tomorrow.

    I'd like her to do another session, but it probably won't be until Bill gets paid.

    Anyhoo, that's about it for now..

    Sunday, June 03, 2007

    I had been thinking about becoming a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor for WIC. I emailed the lady who runs the program..Hopefully she'll email me back to see what I need to do.
    We had such a great day yesterday! Yesterday, Micki graduated..I can't believe it!!! I remember when she was a baby. Crazy. Time goes by SO fast.

    Her party was yesterday and we all had a blast. Kalynn wanted to be in the pool, which was fine with me. She did SO well yesterday as far as behavior. It was nice being with family, I love being with family...

    We had to leave around 7pm, because my sister was on her way to bring us the couch and loveseat from Grandma's house.

    Then last night..arrghh..it sucked. I took a Benadryl, thinking that the boys would sleep for awhile. Wrong..Ronin has a bit of a cold and he was congested. So it was hard for him to sleep. Since I took a Benadryl, it pretty much rendered me useless. Usually, in a non Benadryl state I can be pretty aware of my surroundings. But yesterday, I kept bumping into things. Bill ended up having to get up with Ronin at 4am. I woke up at 8am, and Ryker was nursing. I had no idea he was there.

    Today, not much is planned...This coming up week is Kalynn's swimming lessons. Then we're meeting a friend from out of town this Friday.

    That's pretty much it!